Auralux is an ambient indie RTS game that simplifies the genre to its strategic core. Keep up to date:  

- What are the differences between the Windows and mobile versions?

The gameplay in both versions is exactly the same, but levels are handled differently. In the mobile version, some levels are free, while most can be purchased in packs. The PC version is based on much older code and does not include recent level updates; it comes with 24 levels and is not expected to receive more.

- How do you play Auralux?

Both versions of Auralux should start with an automatic tutorial. If you missed that, here are the basics:

On mobile devices, drag your finger across an area to select the units there. Tap somewhere else to move them. Pinch or drag two fingers to control the view. On Windows, click and drag to move the units, and use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

Suns will constantly create units. Drag your units onto a sun to attack or upgrade it. Your goal is to eliminate all the enemies on the map. Good luck!

- How do I get more levels?

On mobile devices, all the levels are available for purchase within the game's Shop section.

On Windows, all the levels are included by default.

- How do I unlock Speed Mode?

On mobile devices, access to Speed Mode can be purchased within the game.

On Windows, you'll unlock Speed Mode automatically after beating 3 levels, or you can type Shift+F5 to unlock it early.

- What is Nova Mode and how do I unlock it?

Nova Mode is an ultra-hard twist on Speed Mode in which your enemies produce more units than you do.

On mobile devices, you'll have to beat 15 levels on Speed Mode in order to access Nova Mode.

On Windows, Nova Mode unlocks alongside Speed Mode.

- What inspired the game?

Auralux was inspired by games such as Eufloria and Galcon, though all three games differ in terms of pace, freedom of movement, and level layout.

- Does Auralux include any DRM?

No, the Windows version is 100% DRM-free and region-free.